What is Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull?

14 Oct 2020

What is Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull?

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

John Wooden

In today’s case study, we are looking at the Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull. The IMTP is a performance test, used to assess an athlete’s maximal strength. While maximal strength is important, Rate of Force Development may be an even more important measure for athletic success. Maximal strength is the greatest amount of force one can produce. Rate Force Development (RFD) is a measure of explosive strength, or simply how fast one can develop force.

Athlete Comparison High School Basketball Player A High School Basketball Player B
Maximal Strength (N) 4057 3548
Early RFD (100 ms) (N) 898 968
Late RFD (200 ms) (N) 1778 1869

You can see in this example; Player A is considerably stronger demonstrating over 912lbs of peak force compared to Player B who performed 797.6lbs of peak force. However, when we look further into the data, Player B was able to demonstrate a higher rate of force development at 100ms and 200ms. Player B demonstrates a considerable advantage in explosive strength or early rate of force development compared to Player A. This type of detailed assessment is given in every professional/premium BFSS report. Track your progress over time and move up the performance ranks.