Athlete Performance Testing

Our performance assessments analyze the physical attributes in athletes of all ages and experience, comparing them to the best performers. This platform identifies limiting factors to an athlete’s potential, while providing them with personalized training recommendations to improve. Track your progress over time with your personalized profile.

Team Performance Testing

Our BFSS team will work with you to set up a testing event for your school/organization. We will provide you the ability to see how your athletes rank amongst each other, as well as other programs in your area.

Return to Sport Testing

Despite advancements in surgical procedures and rehab, outcomes for certain injuries continue to be poor. Still to this day, many athletes return to play simply based on time from the injury/surgery. Our group of sports medicine clinicians use a battery of objective, criteria-based tests to determine an athlete’s physical preparedness to return to sport.


By understanding the goals and aspirations of an athlete or organization, we can help develop a plan to reach your potential. We offer one on one consultations for individuals or group consultations for teams/organizations.


Have you ever dreamed of hitting the game winning homerun in the Little League World Series or maybe catching the winning pass in the Super-bowl? What does it take to reach your athletic potential and turn your dreams into a reality? It’s no secret that in athletics, the strength and power attributes of an athlete is what sets them apart from their competition.
At Better Faster Stronger Science and we are bringing the professional sports world to the amateur athlete. With over 20 years of experience working with athletes and teams in the NBA, MLB, PGA, NHL and NFL, our mission is to bring the latest athletic performance testing methods to you in an affordable, easy to understand format. Providing clear objective data to help you know where you stand compared to your competition and more importantly, how to improve it. We use a profiling system called “Benchmarking” that allows you an easy to understand comparison of yourself and the best performers in your age-related sport. This will assist you in designing your training program to maximize your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses.”


One of the most important aspects of any injury is the decision of when to return to competition. At Better Faster Stronger Science, we believe the return to sport process is a multi-disciplinary approach that should be unbiased and objective. Our data shows that many amateur athletes are too often unprepared for sport and demonstrate significant limitations, which are missed with traditional testing models. Our testing platform utilizes a battery of objective, criteria-based tests using force plate technology, slow-motion, video, power profiling, accelerometers and GPS. We have the ability to assess upper or lower extremity injuries and have experience working with all ages.


As legendary football coach Vince Lombardi famously stated, “Winning isn’t everything – it’s the only thing.” Our testing platform is designed to help coaches and teams achieve that winning edge, by providing you with a plan for long term athletic development. By understanding your athletes and their potential, the more effective preparation can be made. We use the latest sports science technology to provide you and your athletes individualized and team reports comparing you to the best performers/teams in your sport. If you’re a coach or organization and you’re serious about the development of your team, give us a call today.

Get Your Athletic Performance
Profile Today, Only $39.99

Get Your Athletic Performance Profile Today,
Only $39.99