Frequently Asked Questions

Do you test all ages and sports?
Yes, we offer testing packages for all ages and sports.
What days/hours do you test?
We offer performance testing 7 days/week. Call and schedule your semi-private testing session or check out our events calendar for upcoming combine events.
How often can I test?
If you’re serious athlete we recommend testing every 1 to 3 months or training cycle. For others, we recommend every 3-6 months to track your long term progress.
How long does my testing take?
A basic testing session takes around 30 minutes. Premium testing takes 60-90 minutes.
How do I set up a testing event at my school/organization?
Simply contact us and we will work with you to organize a testing day to assess your athletes and raise money for your program. We work with all schools and organizations, providing coaches and organizers a way to see how their team compares to others.
Do you offer training?
Yes. We offer customized on-line training programs based on your test results. See our Professional and Elite packages for more details.
How long does it take to get my results?
Your results are available in 1-2 days.
What should I expect on my testing day?
After your sign in, our staff will take you through a warm-up and explanation of each test that you’ll perform for your personalized assessment. After you have completed your assessment, you will login 1-2 days after to receive your personal profile. Track your results over time and move up the ranks.
Can I upgrade to the professional report, even though I initially signed up for the basic testing?
Yes. Unlock benchmarking comparisons for all tests, rankings, additional results and training recommendations with your upgrade.
What is plyometric training?
Also known as plyos for short, is a type of exercise that trains muscles to produce power. Plyometric exercises involve a stretch of the muscles, immediately followed by a contraction of the same muscles, which is why it’s sometimes referred to as “jump training.”
What is ballistic training?
Also called power training, is a form of training which involves various forms of exercises with the intention of maximizing the acceleration phase of an object’s movement and minimize the deceleration phase.
What is rate force development?
Refers to the speed at which force can be produced.
My doctor referred me for Return to Sport Testing. What is it?
RTST consists of a battery of tests designed to assess the ability of an athlete to safely return to play following an injury/surgery. We use the latest technology to objectively benchmark your progress throughout rehab to ensure you’re prepared without any deficits or movement compensations.
Do you accept insurance?
No, we do not accept insurance.

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